Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Watch Me Boldly Go Nowhere

Richard Amirault has very kindly alerted me to the fact that a video he recorded of a panel I did at Boskone 44 is now online. The panel was called To Boldly Go: Ethic Issues in Star Trek Through the Years. I was on the panel because of my five years spent working on the magazine, Star Trek Monthly, a time during which I conducted hundreds of interviews with the Trek casts and production crews and spent a great deal of time in the production offices talking with the show's producers and writers. Also on the panel are Suford Lewis and David Gerrold (aka Mr. Tribble). David pretty much dominates the panel, and really he was who the audience was there to see, though I hope I do contribute some thoughts of value. (And hey, for a bit of comedy, watch my bemused exasperation as I'm pretty much dissed by the moderator before I've even begun to speak!) Anyway, the video is online here as a downloadable RealPlayer file, and, perhaps of greater use and interest, you can see the full list of recorded panels here at the Science Fiction Fandom site. And thanks Richard. I'd love to see more convention panels show up like this.

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