Tuesday, August 14, 2007

News Worth Repeating

From a Press Release, as reported on the Solaris Books website:

Christian Dunn of Solaris Books is excited to announce the acquisition of world mass-market rights for INFOQUAKE by David Louis Edelman, in a high-profile deal with Pyr, the SF/F imprint of Prometheus Books.

• Barnes & Noble's SF Book of the Year for 2006
• John W. Campbe
ll Memorial Award Nominee for Best Novel 2006

INFOQUAKE takes speculative fiction into alien territory: the corporate boardroom of the far future. It’s a stunning trip through the trenches of a technological war fought with product demos, press releases and sales pitches. INFOQUAKE is truly science fiction for the twenty-first century.

Natch, a master of bio/logics, the programming of the human body, has clawed his way to the top of the market using little more than his wits. His notoriety brings him to the attention of the owner of MultiReal, a mysterious new technology. Only by enlisting Natch’s devious mind can MultiReal be kept out of the hands of High Executive Len Borda and his ruthless armies. Meanwhile, hanging over everything is the specter of the infoquake, a lethal burst of energy that’s disrupting networks and threatening to send the world crashing back into the Dark Ages.

DAVID LOUIS EDELMAN said: “I’m ecstatic to see a new mass-market edition of Infoquake from Solaris. All authors want to see their books in front of a larger audience, as long as they don’t have to sacrifice their integrity to do it. With a massmarket edition through Solaris, my book is getting the best of both worlds: wider exposure and first-class treatment from guys who really care about science fiction.”

INFOQUAKE will be published by SOLARIS in both the UK and the US in Summer 2008, alongside the Pyr trade edition of MULTIREAL, the second book in the Jump 225 trilogy.

David Louis Edelman is a web designer, programmer and journalist. He lives with his wife Victoria near Washington, DC. Over the past ten years, Mr. Edelman has programmed websites for the U.S. Army and the FBI, taught software to the U.S. Congress and the World Bank, written articles for the Washington Post and Baltimore Sun, and directed the marketing departments of biometric and e-commerce companies. Mr. Edelman was born in Birmingham, Alabama in 1971 and grew up in Orange County, California. He received a B.A. in creative writing and journalism from The Johns Hopkins University in 1993. Visit www.infoquake.net for extracts, information and more.

Praise for INFOQUAKE:

"The love child of Donald Trump and Vernor Vinge." - B&N Explorations

"This may be THE science fiction book of the year." - SFFWorld

"Bursting with invention and panache." - Publishers Weekly

"Like a more accessible Charles Stross." - Intergalactic Medicine Show

"A high-speed, high-spirited tale of capitalist skullduggery." - Asimov's

"Read this book, and then argue about it." - Kate Elliott

“So fresh and good I shamelessly stole an idea from it... Give him the Philip K. Dick award.” - Ian McDonald

For more information please contact BL Publishing on: solaris@blpublishing.com
or call George Mann on ++44 (0)115 - 900 4172

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Tim Akers said...

Solaris and Pyr.
Pyr and Solaris.


Justin said...

I'm glad to hear Multireal is on the schedule for next summer.

Lou Anders said...

Just finished my final read through with last minute edits last night. I must say, I am utterly blown away. I realized, and told Dave, that:

1. not only has he created a believable future, as Paul Cornell asserted in his review, but

2. he has created a future that I'd like to live in and one which has caused me to mourn certain biotech developments I wished I could see now, while still...

3. creating the kind of paradigm defining work that demands to be taken into account, such that anyone who reads this and then tries to write their own future will either be forced to borrow from Dave or go to great lengths to explain why they haven't.