Friday, September 26, 2008

Stargate: Atlantis "First Contact" & Pyr

So, remember to watch Stargate: Atlantis' episode "First Contact" tonight for another (and much better) shot of Theodore Judson's The Martian General's Daughter.

Dusty was reading the book last time. I wonder who will read it tonight.


John - Grasping for the Wind said...

I'm glad it is this book. It was one of your best. (Of course, almost everything you guys publish is good.)

Lou Anders said...

Thank you John.
But what do you mean by "almost"?

I'm kidding!

Praetorian1001 said...

I posted some screenshots from last night's episode on my blog. You were right -- much better view this time around.


Lou Anders said...

Wow. Many thanks for this. I haven't watched it yet. This is a great shot!