Friday, May 22, 2009

Star Trek Art Auction for a Good Cause

My friend Michael Colbert, author of the comic book Crazy Mary, writes to say:

Hi Lou

I was hoping you could mention something on your blog and any other place you connect with SF folk.

April and I are involved in "Relay for life” an organization dedicated to raising money for cancer research. JK Woodward recently did a Star Trek book for IDW: Alien Spotlight – KLINGONS! He has donated an original page from that work for auction on E-Bay. This thing has Klingon war ships, Enterprise B, Kang and all done by JK’s brilliant hand. The page will be signed by JK and every dime will go to my wife’s charity goal. She just lost her grandmother on Monday to cancer so this has special meaning to her.

The e-bay link: And April’s link is at the bottom of the email. This is a win-win for everybody and it would be great if you told your legion of followers to bid on it.

Hope all is well in your corner of the world.

Thanks man!

Please visit our personal page to find out more about our fight with cancer!
Mike and April are good people. JK Woodward is a great artist. This is a good cause. So, ahem, "legion of followers," go do some good. At the very least, help spreading the word would be appreciated.

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