Wednesday, December 16, 2009

SFcrowsnest: Top 100 SFF Novels of 2009

SFcrowsnest has released their "top one hundred SFF novels of 2009" as voted for by's readers. As of this post:

#6 Ian McDonald's Cyberabad Days

#11 Mike Resnick's Stalking the Unicorn

#32 Mike Resnick's Stalking the Vampire

#53 Kay Kenyon's City without End

#84 Mike Resnick's Starship: Flagship

Nice. Especially if your name happens to be Resnick.


critter42 said...

Heh. Love a list that allows a "best of 2009" novel to have first been published in 1987 :)

Lou Anders said...

Well, it is science fiction...

Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

Well, Resnick is probably happy.

Thanks, will go check out the full list!

ces said...

Woot! A list in which I've read 4 of the 5 books! Only book not read is Resnick's "Starship: Flagship."

However, you'll be happy to know that today I went to B&N and (finally) bought Sasha! Based on my enjoyment of the Cassandra novels.

(The last 2 books I bought were cookbooks - including a first-edition new-never-been-opened copy of the very first cookbook I ever owned, at age 10!)

Lou Anders said...

Yay! Sasha!