Wednesday, August 20, 2008

3 Reviews Worth Noting...

And they are:

Tammy Moore of SFSite on Mike Resnick's Stalking the Unicorn:

"...a deeply enjoyable read. ...there's a freshness and earnestness to the prose, a genuine sense that the author is enjoying the journey as much as the reader, that is hard to resist."

Sandy Amazeen review of Mike's second John Justin Mallory novel, Stalking the Vampireon Monsters & Critics:

"Resnick’s alternative Manhattan is a hoot with such well known landmarks as the Madison Round Garden and Vampire State Building along with less popular destination points like Hills of Home Mortuary, Cemetery & Deli. This sequel to Stalking the Unicorn features offbeat humor, amusing dialog and a zany cast of characters that is sure to entertain the most jaded sci-fi fan and spark plenty of interest in an emerging series."

John of Grasping for the Wind on the just-released Last Argument of Kings, by Joe Abercrombie:

"I recommend reading this novel. It is unique in the epic fantasy subgenre, and has only a few comparisons within the broader realm of Speculative Fiction, and most of those are short stories. This alone makes it worth reading, though don't expect to come away from Last Argument of Kings on an emotional high. Joe Abercrombie deserves the accolades he has [been] given, and in recognition of a singular achievement in epic fantasy, I think he deserves the all elusive ten out of ten stars."

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