Monday, August 04, 2008

Thinking Highly of Us

A host of reviews recommending and highly recommending various Pyr books.

First there's Sam Lubell, for SFRevu, on David Louis Edelman's MultiReal:

"...cyberpunk after it grew up and graduated from business school... This is in many ways a stronger book than the first, Infoquake, a rarity among second volumes in trilogies... Multireal, and the Jump 225 trilogy, is very complex. But the rewards of reading it are very great. This is not relabeled history with sf props, not space adventure that has to be fast moving so the reader has no time to realize that the background is flimsy and motivations nonexistent. Edelman has clearly put a lot of thought into his universe, and is able to show this in ways that do not overwhelm the reader (at least outside the appendices.) This is modern-day science fiction the way it ought to be written. Very highly recommended..."

Then John of Grasping for the Wind on Mike Resnick's Stalking the Unicorn:

"Alice in Wonderland for the modern age... Written in the early 1980's, Stalking the Unicorn is the very definition of the urban fantasy novel. ...funny and full of plot twists. ...Adding to the fun is Resnick's witty dialogue. ...everything an entertaining story should be. Funny, full of action, adventure, dosed with a bit of mystery and the ridiculous. Mallory is the quintessential detective, a mixture of Columbo, Sam Spade, and Hercule Poirot. That his territory is a fantasy world only enhances the enjoyment. I highly recommend everyone read Stalking the Unicorn."

Back on SFRevu, we have Carolyn Frank on Stalking the Unicorn:

"With a witty perspective on many aspects of city life, anyone who enjoys fantasy adventures in a more or less familiar urban setting will laugh their way through this wild entertainment."

And finally Drew Bittner, again of SFRevu, on Stalking the Vampire:

"Mallory remains a great character, the classic world-weary knight in trenchcoat armor, with a strong supporting cast. ...It's clear Resnick is having fun with the characters, setting and mystery itself. Readers who enjoy a lighthearted caper through familiar-but-not territory will find this a pleasant read. Recommended."

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