Thursday, August 14, 2008

A Trio of Reviews: Last Argument of Kings, MultiReal, Stalking the Unicorn

Tomas L. Martin, for SFCrowsnest, on Joe Abercrombie's Last Argument of Kings:

"The sheer audacity of many of the plot twists and conclusions to character arcs are dazzling. The realism and grittiness of Abercrombie's world continues to the end, with no character emerging unscathed with a fairy-tale ending. These are flawed characters, he seems to say, so why should they finish any less flawed? ...without re-treading the old formulae and by populating his complex world with dynamic, immensely imperfect characters Abercrombie has produced a reinvigoration of the genre.

Patrick of Pat's Fantasy Hotlist on David Louis Edelman's MultiReal:

"...this is one sequel that delivers! No middle book syndrome for David Louis Edelman. ...a superior read. Moreover, if the final installment lives up to the expectations generated by its predecessors, this series could well be the best thing ever published by Pyr. That's saying something!"

John DeNardo of SF Signal on Mike Resnick's Stalking the Unicorn:

"Mallory is a strong character; the book doesn't take itself seriously; humorous dialogue and prose. ...What's interesting about this book, besides the lighthearted tone and wry humor, is how it overcomes my usual reservations about fantasy by blatantly flying in the face of everything that normally makes me want to roll my eyes. ...a fun story when all is said and done, and I give credit to the author for making a palatable fantasy novel that even this hard-case fantasy reader could enjoy."


Christian Berntsen said...

I just finished Starship Mercenary and am looking forward to reading Mike Resnick's Tonight fables (hopefully to hold me over until Rebel).

Lou Anders said...

Only if you read slowly - they are fast-paced roller coaster books! I can always recommend more Mike if you need.... Have you read Santiago? Ivory? Kirinyaga? New Dreams for Old?

Christian Berntsen said...

The speed with which I read varies depending on my mood, my interest in the content and the writer's style. The Starship series was my first experience with him, and I tore through each, so I guess that tells you something about them. Somewhere on the shelves of paperbacks I inheireted from my father I believe I have Santiago (which always intrigued me because of the cover, which I believe was a Michael Whelan painting), and most likely a few others of Mike's work, so I may also dig those out as well. Of course, I have a pile of other Pyr books to get to...

Lou Anders said...

Yup, the cover is indeed a Whelan. I recommend reading The Return of Santiago right on its heels too.