Monday, August 25, 2008

WorldCon 2008 / Paul Cornell's Denvention3 Report

Paul Cornell's belated WorldCon Report is probably my favorite convention report ever and well worth reading. He begins, "Worldcon is always too big to blog about. It’s a culture, a civilisation. It lasts just long enough that you start to think of it as a career, and then it goes away. It always leaves me inspired, wanting to write, wanting to be one of these people always."

That he talks about me a lot didn't sway me in my opinion in the slightest, really. Okay. Maybe. But read it anyway.

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Paul Cornell said...

Equally, I'd like to recommend Lou's 'Worldcon 2008/Paul Cornell's Denvention3 Report' blog post. It's probably my favourite ever convention report report.