Monday, September 27, 2010

Long Live Swords & Sorcery!

Literary Musings on my anthology, Swords & Dark Magic, co-edited with Jonathan Strahan:

"After digesting all of it thoroughly, I commend checking out this worthy collection for those of the kickass stories of the Sword & Sorcery, and a wonderful starting point to get into the subgenre. A few ruts of misplacement muddle its rather fine appearance, but where can you go wrong with these badass brawlers and fiesty heroines? Bar none, this is the brightest hope for the return of Swords & Sorcery, and the premiere anthology for an exceptional collection of the brightest authors in the field. Lou Anders and Jonathan Strahan are an editing force to be reckoned with, and are paving the way for the modern evolution of the subbgenre. And the message  remains clear: Swords & Sorcery has not died yet. On the contrary, led by these two, the future of Swords and Sorcery definitely looks brighter indeed."

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