Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Swords & Dark Magic: Stories that Kick Ass

Podcaster David Alastair Hayden, on his blog The Dark Crusade, proclaims that Swords & Dark Magic is "a must read for all fan­tasy fic­tion read­ers, except those that don’t like sto­ries that kick ass. Just hold­ing the book you can almost smell the wretch of sor­cery and hear blood drip­ping from cold steel."

He goes on to catalog two "movements" he sees within the S&S genre, namely the move to the use of more magic on the part of the protagonists and the move from solo or dual protagonists to teams of adventurers. Both interesting observations.

David concludes by saying, "Swords & Dark Magic is fun for boys and girls who like badass tales of heart-thumping action, sin­is­ter spells, evil libraries, and mother­fuck­ing Elric. Now, go buy the damned book and get to reading."

Which is a good segue into a reminder that the limited edition is almost sold out. Get yours here!

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