Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Newsarama: Comic Book Superstars Go Prose

The comic book news and reviews site Newsarama has just posted an interview with me entitled "Comic Book Superhstars Go Prose in New Anthology MASKED." Newsarama contributor Zack Smith conducted the interview, which is quite extensive. Here's a sample:

NRMA: While a number of comic writers have worked in prose, it's not always typical to see them move from comics to this medium. Why do you feel that is, and do you think there is still an inherent prejudice against writers who come from comics?

Anders: No, I think that Neil Gaiman opened the door for that a long time ago, and that plenty of publishers would like to see his success duplicated. Fables author and Masked contributor Bill Willingham has one novel out from Vertigo and another coming from Tor. JSA writer and Masked contributor Matthew Sturges has written two books for me at Pyr (Midwinter and the just released The Office of Shadow).

I think that the move from screenwriter to comics writer might be a more natural fit, simply given that the format is similar (comic scripts being very similar to storyboards) and that novel writing and comics writing are different skills, but talented people are people with talent!

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