Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Masked Discussion Week on Joseph Mallozzi's Blog

Joseph Mallozzi (Stargate Universe writer/co-executive producer, and all around great guy) is hosting a discussion of Masked this week on his blog. He's taking questions for me and some of the contributors.To kick the week off, he invites Gail Simone to talk about her story, "Thug." You can read Gail's guest post here.

Drop by Joe's blog this week with questions for:

Gail Simone (“Thug”)
Paul Cornell (“Secret Identity”)
Matthew Sturges (“Cleaned and Set in Gold”)
James Maxey (“Where Their Worm Dieth Not”)
Daryl Gregory (“Message from the Bubblegum Factory”)
Mark Chadbourn (“By My Works You Shall Know Me”)
Marjorie M. Liu (“Call Her Savage”)
Lou Anders (editor)
Joseph Mallozzi (“Downfall”)

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