Thursday, February 28, 2008

City Without End takes Silver Spectrum Award

A huge congratulations to Stephan Martiniere, whose cover illustration for the third book in Kay Kenyon's ongoing space opera quartet entitled The Entire and the Rose, the forthcoming City Without End, just won the Silver Spectrum award in the book category. All of Stephan's covers in this series have been amazing. Book one, Bright of the Sky,made the Spectrum annual the year it was released, and we're hearing good things about A World Too Near- which just hit shelves this week. (For a look at these two covers side by side, see Kay's website.) And now, unveiled here for the first time, the winning cover of City Without End. This is my favorite of the three "Entire" pieces, and maybe one of my favorite Martiniere illustrations ever.

What do you think?


the man known as hulkmeat said...

That's another beautiful cover for this series. Martiniere's illustrations alone make me want to read the The Entire and the Rose series, not to mention just about anything else he does. - Christian Berntsen

ces said...

All three covers have the same look, so if you saw them side-by-side you'd know that they definitely come from the same series.

And they are all beautiful.

Lou Anders said...

Seeing them side by side is my favorite way to look at them. Thanks, both of you!