Monday, February 11, 2008

More of Me in the Matrix

Lon Cohen posts an excerpt from our interview on his website, wherein, I am delighted to learn, that I am a pirate. How is that, you say? Why, "Lou Anders is a pirate in the sense that not only does he look like one, but he displays his buccaneering ways by looting the English speaking world’s best Science Fiction and Fantasy authors for his booty at Pyr, the imprint that he currently helms as editorial director. Fortunately, pirate Lou Anders is a formidable and likeable hero, champion of expert writing, great cover art and highly crafted anthologies." Argh!

The full interview appears in Matrix magazine #186, and Lon notes, "We went on and on. Anyone interested in reading/publishing the full interview please contact me at lon at lonscohen dot com."

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ObilonKenobi said...

Ye be a scurvy pirate, Lou!