Friday, February 15, 2008

Yet Another Best of 2007

SFSite has posted their "Best SF and Fantasy Books of 2007: Readers' Choice" and I'm delighted to see Joe Abercrombie's Before They Are Hangedat number five (here for the UK edition, as our edition was just released this month and hasn't found its way into all venues yet), as well as, not surprisingly, Ian McDonald's Brasylat number three.

Of the latter, they say, "McDonald masterfully explores some key sfnal concepts and pivotal alternative science. Wrap your head around this book if you want to see what truly ingenious science fiction can look like."


ces said...

Funny, I started reading River of Gods first, was having trouble with it, so i switched to Brasyl. Why? Because somehow I got it in my mind that Brasyl was written first and if I read it then I'd be used to macdonald's style and could then go back to RoG. So I read Brasyl and then RoG. Brasyl was ok - I didn't understand a lot of the science in it (quantum etc) - but I REALLY LIKED RoG!

I think I'm going to go back and reread Brasyl now.

Lou Anders said...

That's an interesting order. Having read RoG first and Brasyl second, even though they are totally separate books, I'd say that the one prepares you for the other... Though my reaction on reading RoG was that I'd like to visit India one day, whereas Brasyl freaked me out about Brasil. Or rather - his future India seems very present day, whereas his present Brasyl seems very alien!