Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Yiddish Policemen's Union: The Film

I find the Coen brothers very hit or miss, but I love that they are out there. Miller's Crossing is among my top five favorite films of all time. I am one of the few folks who was bored by Fargo, and I actually stopped watching The Ladykillers half way through. But I love O Brother, Where Art Thou? enough to put it in a Top 20 list.

So while I don't love every Coen brothers' film, I love that they are out there, pushing the envelope, making such unique offerings. Everything they do is worth seeing, even when it doesn't work for me personally, and at least one of their films is among my favorite films of all. So I'm pretty excited to learn they're going to be doing Michael Chabon's The Yiddish Policemen's Union as their film-after-next.


Paul Wargelin said...

Hi Lou,

I have the same feeling towards the Coen (there's no "h" in their name) Bros. films as you do. My personal favorite is the western-noir Blood Simple. I feel that while No Country for Old Men was a return to their roots, the film went flat in the last half hour, losing the momentum, narrative, and characterization--and Javier Badem deserves all the accolades he's receiving.

Both Raising Arizona and The Big Lebowski are among my favorite comedies. I remembering enjoying Miller's Crossing, Barton Fink, and Fargo but haven't revisited any of them. The trailer for The Ladykillers looked dreadful, and I enjoy the original film with Alec Guiness, Peter Sellers, and Herbert Lom far too much to want to see any remake.

I'm still willing the give the Coens the doubt though, so I'll probably check out The Yiddish Policeman's Union.

Lou Anders said...

Doh. Offending "h" removed.