Friday, February 08, 2008

I cannot wait for this!

I am really excited about this book. I think the move to commission an actual bit of physical hardware for the cover is an inspired bit of brilliance too, as I think the truth of whether steampunk really is "the hottest trend in science fiction" as Solaris proclaims depends largely on whether all the steampunkophiles residing in other media (games, cinema, fashion-culture, etc..) can be induced to follow the path back to its literary roots. The big question for me is whether this anthology, and the other one,will be "all the steampunk anyone needs" or the launch of the next thing. Either way, whether it's the end-all/be-all or just the inception, I'm pretty sure Extraordinary Engines is a must-have for any serious SF reader and collector. Certainly for this collector.


Anonymous said...

You can wait for this! I am pretty certain about this.

Anonymous said...

I'm just glad they changed the title, since originally both our reprints antho and their antho were going to be called Steampunk.

In any event, they're a nice complement to each other, so you can see where steampunk has been and where it's going. I'm planning on cross-promoting theirs since I don't think they actually conflict.


Lou Anders said...

No, I don't either. I think they will be seen as dual-essential volumes.

Mark Newton said...

Thanks for the mention, Lou. For me, the particularly interesting thing will be to see which territory goes for it the most, the UK or US, since it's on mass market on both sides of the pond. Will it go down better with Brits due to the roots in Victoriana?

-- Mark @ Solaris

Lou Anders said...

Might be the reverse of that for the reason you state.

Praetorian1001 said...

Thanks for this! Looks great!