Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stargate, FF1, and Me

Today is the day that Joseph Mallozzi, he of Stargate fame, kicks off his book group discussion about my own anthology, Fast Forward 1.He is currently aggregating questions from his readers, answers by Yours Truly to be posted later this week.

Update 2/19/08:
Joe returns today with a huge, story-by-story analysis of his thoughts on FF1, and then opens the blog up for comments, which are up to 50 so far. Here's the permalink.

Update 2/20/08: Joe returns with his thoughts here and here. Comments somewhere over 100 now. Much insightful being said.


John Picacio said...

Busy morning, so I only had time to scan Mallozzi's post as well as the growing comments section below it. Nice work by him. Amongst all the solid feedback, I noticed a lot of appreciation for your FF1 intro. Did you catch that?

Anyway -- glad to see this antho continue to build steady presence.....from the looks of things at Mallozzi's blog, you'll be playing tennis with these folks all week....

Lou Anders said...

Hey, thanks man. Yeah, ironically I'm working on the FF2 intro right now - so this is both adding pressure to get it right AND (fortunately) helping me to clarify my thoughts.

But most gratifying to me was seeing how some of them have gone on to buy novels from the authors they've discovered here. Yes!