Sunday, February 17, 2008

Congratulations, Sean!

Big congratulations to my friend Sean Williams, who makes the Ditmar short list with both his novel Saturn Returns(out here from Ace) and his novella in the same universe, Cenotaxis,(out here from Monkeybrain). Sean's been writing big idea, deep future space opera for some time, and these works deserve to catch on big with the post-singularity, space opera contingent here in the states.

I'm particularly gratified that the novella is doing so well for Monkeybrain, as in addition to love sweet love, I'm pretty sure what the world needs now is affordably-priced novella length SF in attractive packaging.

In other news, Sean wrote to let me know that in March Ticonderoga Publications will be releasing "a hefty tome" of his best short fiction, entitled Magic Dirt. Quite a few Ditmar nominations and wins in there as well.

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