Thursday, February 21, 2008

Thoughts and Tirades, with Special Guest Lou Anders

I'm guest-blogging today at Stargate: Atlantis executive producer Joseph Mallozzi's website, Thoughts and Tirades, Rants and Ruminations. Thanks to Mallozzi's extreme generosity, there's 6,600 words from Yours Truly, as I take questions from his reading group on my anthology Fast Forward 1: Future Fiction from the Cutting Edge(plus comments from some of the contributors to the anthology, and John Picacio on the cover illustration.) Also featured, a few embarrassing pictures I dug up from my time on the set of Babylon 5. So if you want to know where Paolo Bacigalupi found the inspiration for "Small Offerings" or want to see "Minbari Lou", head right over.


Moyz said...

Really enjoyed your insights and comments on Joe Mallozzi's BOTM exchange. thanks.

Lou Anders said...

Thank you very much for saying so!

Judy in SATX said...

With a 3-month old and a toddler I wasn't able to participate in Joe's BOTM club but I've added FF1 to my amazon wish-list. Your comments on the specific stories and SF in general were really quite interesting! I love SF short stories and I'm looking forward to some great new reading.

I'm also adding your blog to my reading list along with Joe's and Robert J. Sawyer's (my fave current SF author btw) - I was quite jazzed to see you quote him!

Loved the picture of Minbari Lou and the one with Tracy Scoggins!

Lou Anders said...

Hi Judy. I understand all about toddlers and limited reading time! One of the stories from FF1 is available for free online to read, though, if you go to and click on the Fast Forward page. Either way, very nice to have you here. And I'm glad you like Rob's fiction as he's a great guy.