Wednesday, May 24, 2017

The 3D Printing Professor and Son

Today, I was interviewed by the 3D Printing Professor and his son.

It came about like this. The 3D Printing Professor, who has a channel on YouTube where he dispenses wisdom about, what else, 3D Printing, has a son. And the son is a big fan of my Thrones & Bones series, each book of which has a playable board game (designed by me) in the appendices. So the son makes a 3D printed version of my game Thrones & Bones. And it is awesome.

I see said game online, we chat. It comes out I'm a very enthusiastic newbie to the 3D Printing world, and we decide to do an interview.


We chat about my books, my games, gaming in general (board games and RPGs), we argue about dice verses coin tosses, we talk about 3D printing, we talk about Doctor Who, and then I play a game, across the interwebs, of Thrones & Bones with his son!

It was a blast, and you should check it out!