Monday, October 10, 2005

Pyr's Third Season, Spring/Summer 2006

I'm very pleased to announce that after much hard work on the part of virtually everyone at Prometheus, the Pyr Spring/Summer 2006 catalog is now complete, at the printers, and also available now as a pdf download here.

This time out, we have such titles as the U.S. debut of Ian McDonald's Hugo-nominated masterpiece, River of Gods, (with a gorgeous new cover from Stephan Martiniere), the final installment in John Meaney's acclaimed Nulapeiron sequence, the first of a new fantasy quartet from Sean Williams which has already won both the Ditmar and the Aurealis Awards in his native Australia (the first fantasy novel ever to do so), and an Edgar Rice Burroughs-style "planetary romance" from Chris Roberson.

Also upcoming is the next "Structure" book from Martin Sketchley, a short story collection from Mike Resnick, and debut novels from authors David Louis Edelman and Joel Shepherd, both the first novels of planned series.

In addition to the aforementioned cover by artist Stephan Martiniere, we're happy to have worked this season with such talented illustrators as Jim Burns, Greg Bridges, Dave Seeley, Jon Foster, and designer Dave Stevenson.

We've also accumulated a 16 book backlist by this point, which means that our catalog is rapidly becoming substantial and getting some physical heft to it. Paging through all the books, I still can't shake the feeling that all this started up only yesterday. Where on earth does the time go?


RobB said...

Nice looking bunch of books Lou. That Martiniere cover for River of Gods is awesome. Paragaea looks like a lot of fun, too.

Is Pyr going to publish Mass Market Paperback editions of the Hardcovers?

Lou Anders said...

Hi Robb,

Thanks for the good words. Stephan's River of Gods is amazing, isn't it?

There are no immediate plans to publish mass market. We may bring out some trade paperback versions though, although nothing is in the works right now.

Anonymous said...

The cover for Crossover is awesome! Who did it?

Lou Anders said...

That is by Stephan Martiniere, who also did the cover for River of Gods as well as our Mike Resnick short story collection, New Dreams for Old (not pictured). You've seen his work on several Tor books I'm sure, including many of Ken MacLeod's. He has a website at: