Monday, November 14, 2005

Facing the Future at Sci Fi Wire

Thanks to the wonderful John Joseph Adams, an interview with Yours Truly went up today at Sci FI Wire. John talked to me about my upcoming Roc anthology, FutureShocks, due out in January 06, as well as about Fast Forward, my upcoming-unthemed-original SF anthology for Pyr.


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to it, Lou.

And re. Fast Forward: is that one already filled, or is there still a slot open for a writer published -- among other places -- in the renowned Greek supplement "9"?

(See two posts below...;-)


Lou Anders said...

Hi Jetse,
Sadly, Fast Forward filled up within 48 hours of getting the greenlight, and I'm even afraid that I may have overcommitted after a few two many beers in Glasgow. But I'll let you know next time I have an opening!