Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another Pre-Quake Tremor

I've already blogged about David Louis Edelman's extensive website,, launched in support of his upcoming Pyr title of the same name, the science-fiction business novel that takes speculative fiction into the corporate boardroom of tomorrow. The site contains a detailed future history, an extensive glossary, sample chapters, numerous articles on the society and technology of the world Dave has created.

Now, he had added the following to the already content-rich website:

The new downloads page contains downloadable files of Infoquake chapters 1-3. Files are available in Microsoft Word (DOC), Adobe Acrobat (PDF) and Plain Text (TXT).

New background article On Government, exclusive to the Infoquake website. Descriptions of the L-PRACGs, the Congress of L-PRACGs, the Prime Committee and the Defense and Wellness Council, as well as a listing of important High Executives of the Council.

Infoquake is scheduled for release in July of 2006 . Pre-orders are available now on and Booksense and a handful of other places as well.

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