Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Picacio Has Got You Covered

Yesterday, I came home from my daily Starbucks run to discover a package on my doorstep which contained - to my tremendous delight - my copy of Cover Story: The Art of John Picacio. I cannot begin to tell you how gorgeous this tome is - you'll just have to experience that for yourself. But what I can tell you is how much heft and content it has over the average single-author art book. It's 200 pages long, and each illustration is graced with John's thoughts on their creation - not technical choices, but a detailed look at the inspirations behind the brushstrokes. This is an insightful glimpse into the mind of one of the premiere artists of his generation. We all judge books by their covers - which is why I'm grateful to have worked with John as much as I have. But with this book, trust me when I say you have got to crack the spine to believe what is inside. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! And already my top choice for the Best Related Book Hugo for 2007.


Anonymous said...

And not to forget that we are featuring an interview with John Picacio in Interzone #204 -- the May/June issue -- which should definitely whet your appetite for his book.

The only thing I'm doubting about is if I should pre-order a copy now, or buy one from John at either ComicCon or LACon IV...


Lou Anders said...

I think Bud Plant is doing a limited at ComicCon with some sort of signature page, so you might want to pick it up there.