Thursday, June 05, 2008

Battle Beyond the Stardust

I'm a huge fan of Rick Kleffel's Agony Column Podcast. Big fan. So I'm thrilled to announce that today's podcast features Yours Truly, talking about the state of Sci Fi Cinema, in what Rick has dubbed, "Battle Beyond the Stardust." Rick says:

Today's Agony Column Podcast News Report gets in touch with Lou Anders, editor of the incredible Prometheus Books imprint, Pyr. I've been wanting to get back to Lou and talk to him about SF on video and the upcoming Hugo Awards. You know, for all that I loved, and I mean LOVED Neil Gaiman's perfect prose construction 'Stardust', the trailers for the movie left me a little leery, and I never got round to even seeing it. I know, what's the matter with me? I run out to see Neil Marshall's Doomsday (which I really enjoyed), but not Stardust. Well, we sort it all out in this MP3 download; this is your chance to hear one of the great editors of the 21st century. Forward – Fast Forward!

Update: Thanks to Joel Shepherd for pointing me to this article in the LA Times about Sue Naegle, the new HBO program developer, who wants to make HBO a "dream destination" for writers again, and who lists among her favorite shows Battlestar Galactica and Lost.

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