Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1977 Batman Poster

This is a Batman poster I had as a kid. At the time, this was the only fully-painted version of the Caped Crusader I'd ever seen, those things being much rarer then than they are now. As such, I absolutely idolized it as "what a real Batman would look like," and pointed it out whenever I needed something to counterbalance the silly stereotype Bats enjoyed courtesy of Adam West. Cannot tell you the hours I spent hero worshiping this thing.

Recently, my too-cool-for-words mother took it and had it framed, and it now hangs in my office after many decades spent rolled up in the back of a closet in her house. I'm pretty sure the panel at the bottom is Neal Adams, but I've no idea who did the larger, painted figure. Opinions very welcome. Here is a close up detail of the painted figure's face:

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Lou Anders said...

That was quick. The brilliant Erik M Gist (whose artwork you should check out) responded that it was Drew Struzan. As indeed it was.