Friday, October 02, 2009

Whole Lotta Lou

SF Signal's latest MIND MELD is a brilliantly-informative round robin asking a Who's Who of anthologists, "Can you describe what goes on behind the scenes - from conception to publication -- when creating a short fiction anthology?" There is much wisdom to be had in part one and part two. I am in part three, using their question as an excuse to talk about whatever I felt like and not really answering it.

Meanwhile, I'm up twice at talking about the fact that a band has named itself after Mark Chadbourn's Age of Misrule series, and reviewing George Mann's The Affinity Bridge (while sneaking in the first public shot of Ghosts of Manhattan).


Alvaro Zinos-Amaro said...

Cool updates! I enjoyed your review of Mann's novel. And that's the first Carré cover I've seen (for GOM), and it's a fine piece of work. Thanks for sharing.

Lou Anders said...

You WILL. NOT. BELIEVE. the cover he is doing now for Tim Aker's The Horns of Ruin. Hope to be able to show it soon(ish).