Friday, January 29, 2010

Urban Fantasy Book Cover Parade

Thanks to Cyril van der Haegen for pointing this out:


Christian Berntsen said...

It would be interesting to see how that kind of treatment would play out across other genre covers. What would be reoccuring themes would be revealed in SF or Fantasy or Westerns, etc.

Lou Anders said...

I think you'd get more variation, certainly. I like some of the covers they displayed though.

ces said...

Hey, sex sells! Especially if its women.

Where are all the naked or semi-naked guys?

Clay Griffith said...

Lou, do publishers try for a "house look" to shorthand readers what they're getting. So the look from that slideshow clues readers into paranormal romance or erotic fantasy for easy shopping. And I thought some of the covers were pretty good, even so.

Anonymous said...

Could be worse. Could be Fabio.

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