Monday, March 08, 2010

Get the Jump on the Future

With the release of GEOSYNCHRON, the third and final book in David Louis Edelman's landmark Jump 225 trilogy, the accolades for the series are pouring in. Look how many folks are saying this isn't just a good series, but a defining one:

The Dragon Page Cover to Cover:
“Probably some of the best sci-fi written this decade... Amazing stuff.

Grasping for the Wind:
“Edelman’s concluding novel, long in the making, is just amazing. ....If you read no other science fiction story this year, read the Jump 225 trilogy.”

Locus Magazine:
“This smart, idiosyncratic blend of cyberpunk, libertarian entrepreneurship, and social engineering will, I think, stand as a seminal work of 21st century SF.”

Fantasy Book Critic:
Geosynchron achieves a rare feat for a trilogy-ending volume, namely it takes the series one level higher, beyond mundanity to true sense-of-wonder SF, so it finally plays on the level of the masters of modern SF like [Alistair] Reynolds and [Peter F.] Hamilton… An A+ and so far the best core-SF novel I’ve read in 2010.”

Geosynchron is at the top of my best reads list - it has set the bar very high for anything else I’ll be reading this year. The Jump 225 trilogy is a must-read, an instant classic and a work of SF that will help define this first decade of the 21st century, and could cast a long shadow for many years to come.”

The Agony Column:
“This is what you want from science fiction. You want the vision of the writer to inform your vision of your life.”

I could go on. But really, do I need to?


Alex J. Cavanaugh said...

No, that says it all.

Jon Sprunk said...

Very inspiring... just awesome.

Lou Anders said...

Thanks guys!