Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Dervish House Places (and tops) many Best of 2010 lists.

SF Site has posted their Readers' Choice: Best Read of the Year: 2010 and Ian McDonald's The Dervish House tops the list at # 1! They say:
"The tightly plotted story takes place over a brief period of time in a confined setting, the sprawling metropolis of Istanbul. But it is McDonald's writing and his handling of character that led SF Site readers to choose The Dervish House as the best book of 2010."
But The Dervish House is already all over Best of 2010 lists. Here are a few:

#1 on Bookgasm's 5 Best SciFi Books of 2010 (and Stephan Martiniere is their choice for Best Cover Artist, with his covers for The Dervish House).

#1 (tied with Guy Gavriel Kay's Under Heaven) on Pat's Fantasy Hotlist's Top 10 Speculative Fiction Titles of 2010. 

1 of 5 unranked books in Fantasy Literature's FanLit's Favorite Books of 2010 science fiction list.

Included in io9's unranked The 15 Best Speculative Fiction Books of 2010.

Included in Locus magazine's unranked Recommended Reading List.

Included in Concatenation's unranked Best SF Books of 2010.

Included in Adam Robert's unranked 10 Best SF Novels of 2010.

So, basically it tops every ranked list and places on the unranked.  

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