Thursday, June 09, 2011

All About eBooks with Sam Sykes

Tome of the Undergates (The Aeons' Gate, Book 1)Sam Sykes, (Tome of the Undergates, Black Halo) has written a post entitled "All About eBooks" that rather succinctly explains why good things take time. The post also contains "a Dante’s Inferno-style biography of Lou Anders that I’m calling The Anderman." 

Here's an excerpt:
Canto 6, Verse 22
And because I showed no fear, he wanted me to know more,
thus he opened the doors and I beheld them: shackled to their desks,
in life hereafter as they had been in life waking.  Perhaps it was
the editor’s great sin that he be damned to a hell without love lost,
knives in the belly, soddering irons in the flesh, fire in the spirit.
Nay, we had lived too long and too little to earn anything but this.
Our hell was repetition.

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