Thursday, September 15, 2011

Podcast: Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing

At the recent World Science Fiction Convention in Reno, NV, I got to catch up with Shaun Farrell of the wonderful Adventures in Sci Fi Publishing podcast. An interview we conducted Saturday morning is now up, episode 137.

Shaun writes "We discuss Lou’s passion for great stories, his theater background, how to pitch to an editor, how NOT to pitch to an editor, BLACKDOG, by K. V. Johansen, the thrill of discovering new writers, the true purpose of form rejection letters, the tumultuous publishing industry, including changes at Barnes and Noble, and major publishers being lazy with their ebooks!"


Charlie N. Holmberg said...

Oh, thanks for sharing!

And I finally got my hands on Blackdog!

Lou Anders said...

Awesome. You must tell me as soon as you've read it what you thought.

Jordan said...

Just listened to the episode and it was great as always. Thanks! I'm very interested in the personal project of yours that Shaun hinted at at the end... And I pick up my copy of Blackdog in the morning. :)

Lou Anders said...

Thank you very much. Hopefully not too long before the personal project isn't secret. And I hope you did Blackdog!

Kristy Stewart said...

Thanks for linking to this. I haven't ever listened to one of their podcasts before.

I'm glad you're such a good appreciator. You got me to read Blackdog, and I'm happy I spent my money on it.