Friday, January 11, 2013

Works I Edited and Art Directed in 2012

Here, for your enjoyment and edification, is a list of all the Pyr novels published in 2012 for which I served as editorial director, editor, and art director. Also included is a list of each work's respective cover artist. Please don't forget to carefully consider illustration and illustrators when you are voting in the various awards and best of the year polls. Our illustrators are an incredible and unique asset of science fiction and fantasy publishing and we should celebrate them. ASFA members please also consider these works when it comes time to nominate for the Chesley Awards.


Mark Hodder, (Burton & Swinburne in) Expedition to the Mountains of the Moon
Art by Jon Sullivan

Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Boneyards
Art by Dave Seeley

  • 2012 Endeavor Award, winner

Ian McDonald, The Dervish House(trade paperback after hardcover)
Art by Stephan Martiniere

  • 2011 John W. Campbell Memorial Award winner for Best Novel
  • 2011 Hugo Award for Best Novel, nominee
Ari Marmell, Thief's Covenant (A Widdershins Adventure)
Art by Jason Chan


Jon Sprunk, Shadow's Master
Art by Michael Komarck

Mark Chadbourn, Jack of Ravens (Kingdom of the Serpent, Book 1)
Art by John Picacio

EC Myers, Fair Coin
Art by Sam Weber


Mark Chadbourn, Burning Man (Kingdom of the Serpent, Book 2)
Art by John Picacio

Ken MacLeod, The Night Sessions
Art by Stephan Martiniere

Erin Hoffman, Lance of Earth and Sky (The Chaos Knight, Book Two)
Art by Dehong He


Mark Chadbourn, Destroyer of Worlds (Kingdom of the Serpent, Book 3)
Art by John Picacio

John Kessel & James Patrick Kelly, Nebula Awards Showcase 2012
Art by Michael Whelan


Ari Marmell, False Covenant (A Widdershins Adventure)
Art by Jason Chan

Sean Williams, The Devoured Earth (Books of the Cataclysm: Four)
(ebook only)
Art by Greg Bridges


Philippa Ballantine, Hunter and Fox (A Shifted World Novel)
Art by Cynthia Sheppard

David Freer, Cuttlefish
Art by Paul Young


K.D. McEntire, Reaper
Art by Sam Weber

James Enge, A Guile of Dragons (A Tournament of Shadows, Book 1)
Art by Steve Stone


Clay and Susan Griffith, The Kingmakers (Vampire Empire, Book 3)
Art by Chris McGrath

  • 2012 RT Book Reviews Reviewers' Choice Awards, steampunk nominee
Sam Sykes, The Skybound Sea (The Aeons' Gate, Book 3)
Art by Paul Young

Ian McDonald, Be My Enemy
Art by John Picacio


E.C. Myers, Quantum Coin
Art by Sam Weber

Tim Lebbon, London Eye (Toxic City Book One)
Art by Steve Stone

  • In development by Alex Proyas for ABC Studios

Brenda Cooper, The Creative Fire (Book One of Ruby's Song)
Art by John Picacio

Tom Lloyd, The Dusk Watchman (The Twilight Reign, Book Five)
Art by Todd Lockwood

Allen Steele, Apollo's Outcasts
Art by Paul Young

Paul Crilley, SThe Lazarus Machine: A Tweed & Nightingale Adventure
Art by Cliff Nielsen


Mike Resnick, The Doctor and the Rough Rider (Weird West Tales)
Art by J. Seamas Gallagher

David Freer, The Steam Mole
Art by Paul Young

Mark Hodder, A Red Sun Also Rises
Art by Lee Moyer

And that's it. Quite a year if I do say so myself.


Matthew MacNish said...

I was trying to remember the Widdershins books when I was Christmas shopping for my daughter. I should have sent you a Facebook message. It's all good though, I can just get them for her birthday.

Lou Anders said...

I'm sorry you didn't. But I hope she likes them either way. How old is she? They have some scary bits, but also a lot of humor, and a good(ish) role model. They are sword & sorcery books starring a strong female.

Katalina Leon said...

That's a lot to be proud of Lou!

Lou Anders said...

Thank you. I am.