Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Shelf Unbound's Middle Shelf reviews Frostborn!

Shelf Unbound's Middle Shelf  has a fantastic review of Frostborn in their latest issue. I'm especially gratified to see this one because the reviewer is 13 years old.

"Thrones & Bones is a fantastic page-turner that always keeps you on your toes. When I picked up the book for the first time, I couldn’t put it down! This action-packed novel has trolls, undead warriors, frost giants, and so much MORE! Once a year, the farmers and a frost giant village meet at a sacred location to trade and bargain goods for a week. Both Thianna, a half-breed frost giant, and Karn, next in line to inherit the Hauld, arrive to trade for the first time. Then things get wild…Thrones & Bones is one of the best books out there. There is so much detail and action. One moment you are being hunted by wolves, and the next, two headed trolls! The adventure of Thianna and Karn is something you don’t want to miss!" - Teak Balena, Teak Recommends, Shelf Unbound’s Middle Shelf  (July/August 2014 issue)

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