Wednesday, November 12, 2014

WindyCon 41: Here I Come

Tomorrow, I am heading to Lombard, Illinois for WindyCon 41, where I am the Editor Guest of
Honor. This will be a bit of a special convention for me, as I am no longer an editor! So this is most probably, pretty definitely, nearly absolutely the last time I get to be that type of a GoH!

For those attending WindyCon, here is my schedule:


3:00 PM
Fairy Tales for Children and Adults

Same or different? Should they be? How do they serve different audiences.
L. Anders, T. Bogolub, A.L. Martinez, R. Neumeier (M), F. Salvatini,
J. Stockman
Lilac A - 90 min.

6:00 PM
Guest Reception

The Guests of Honor are invited to gather in the green room for light refreshments before heading over to Opening Ceremonies.
Green Room - 1 hour

7:00 PM
Opening Ceremonies

Don’t miss out on this rare chance to see all of our Guests together in one room! Join us as we kick off the convention weekend!
Junior Ballroom BC - 1 hour


10:00 a.m. Frostborn: Art and Writing
GoH Lou Anders introduces the experience that is Frostborn--a book, a board game, and, of course, the art. Lou's viking-inspired creation is heavily illustrated, and Lou will be giving Windycon a behind-the-scenes preview of the art and writing of his new adventure series. This first book of the "Thrones & Bones" series will appeal to fans of Rick Riordan, Brandon Mull, and Lloyd Alexander.
L. Anders
Grand Ballroom GH - 1 hour


L. Anders, L. Erlick, C. Gannon,
E. Hull
Autographing Tables - 1 hour

2:00 PM
Thrones & Bones Board Game Demo

Lou Anders' fantasy adventure series Thrones & Bones takes its name from a board game that appears in the first book, Frostborn.Come learn about and play the actual Thrones & Bones game that appears in the novel. Loosely based on ancient Scandinavian board games, Thrones & Bones is a strategy game with a fantasy twist.
L. Anders
Gaming - 1 hour

3:00 PM

Enjoy some special snacks while listening to some stories read by our Editor Guest of Honor.
Lou Anders, Lisa Ragsdale
Kids Programming - 1 hour


2:00 PM
Closing Ceremonies

This is your last chance to see all of our amazing guests. The party award winners will be announced, and you will find out what we have in store for you next year!
Junior Ballroom BC - 1 hour

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