Friday, December 21, 2007

Here It Comes... "Net" Result of the Writers Strike

Readers of this blog will know I am very eager for the age of quality online filmic content on the Internet to gear up into full swing. Therefore, this is really exciting. And I love this final quote:
"The companies are pushing us into the embrace of people that are going to cut them out of the loop," marveled one show runner who is tracking the start-up trend but not participating. "We are one Connecticut hedge-fund checkbook, one Silicon Valley server farm and two creators away from having channels on YouTube, where the studios don't own anything."


Shaun Farrell said...

Cool stuff. I'm a fan of this. Experiments like Sanctuary seem to indicate that this can be successful. People want good stories, good writing, and good acting (without commercials!). I've been sold to my whole life and I'm sick of it.

Now, let's say that some companies get started and really compete with Hollywood - how would that impact publishing? Will it take writers away from publishers in an effort to make more money, or are the business models simply too different?

Lou Anders said...

Well, in truth, a lot of this article is a scare tactic to try and get the studios back to the negotiation table. But it's STILL a step towards net tv, whether that's its primary purpose or not.

Now, as to leeching writers away - there are ALWAYS more stories than avenues for same. More opportunities for more writers = always good.