Thursday, August 05, 2010

Two New Masked Reviews

Cover by Trevor Hairsine

First up, Elitist Book Reviews. This one is particularly gratifying as they start of saying they don't really like comics (gasp!) and then they end up concluding: "This is the greatest strength of Masked. All the authors brought their A-game to tell us stories that, in the end, strike home so forcefully in their theme and presentation it is impossible not to be impressed by their work, entertained by the stories, or enthusiastic about the genre. The 'Redemption Arc' is one of the most typical superhero/supervillain story arcs in the business. For us, Masked itself was a redemption for the entire genre."

And the, the oddly named "Knitting and Sundries: Never Judge a Book by its Movie...": "A fresh and new take on tales of superheroes, this anthology is filled with stories that will capture your interest and pull you along for the ride. ...every story in this book will appeal to a particular reader, certainly some more than others, but altogether, a wonderful collection of stories of just the right length to read in short gaps of time."

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