Friday, October 30, 2015

Pelham Reporter: Author thrills RMS students with ‘Thrones and Bones’

Today, I am interviewed by the Pelham Reporter in an article entitled "Author thrills RMS students with ‘Thrones and Bones.’ The occasion of the interview, which was conducted by Jessa Pease, was my recent visit to Riverchase Middle School, though the article is also about my Thrones & Bones series and school visits in general. Please check it out!

Here's an excerpt:
“I wanted to write a strong, strong female and a clever boy instead of what’s usually done,” he said. “I wanted to write a fantasy that would encapsulate all the things that I loved about the fiction I read growing up, but that would have parts for girls and parts for people who are not white. I wanted to write a fantasy for today’s kids.” - See more at:

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