Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Lou's Media Frenzy

Last night, I was at Historic Rucker Place in Downtown Birmingham, for the launch of JF Lewis' Staked,just out this month from Pocket Books, where it was my privilege to introduce Jeremy at the event. (Small world - my friend Jen Heddle is his editor.) Also in attendance, fellow Alabamian and new SF author William H. Drinkard, whose novel Elomwas just released in hardcover this month from Tor. Staked cover artist Chris McGrath couldn't attend, but sent a beautifully framed print of the cover which Jeremy's mother-in-law presented to him as a gift.

Tomorrow night, we'll reunite again at a launch party at BooksAMillion for Elom, and I'll be dragging Mike Resnick, Louise Marley and Kay Kenyon along, so more on that later. Mike, Kay and Louise are in town for OmegaCon, which is pulling in well over 40 authors/publishing professionals last time I counted (including Tor, who are throwing a party, and quite a few staples from Baen, including editor Jim Minz, who is a party unto himself.)

Meanwhile, Bill and I were on Fox 6's "Good Day, Alabama" at 7:45 am this morning in support of the con. We talked with host Rick Journey about Bill's book, OmegaCon, and Pyr. The clip is already online here.

Update 3/13/08: Jeremy blogs his launch party here.


Tim Akers said...

A tie! Brilliant!

Lou Anders said...

I knew there would be the usual Klingon comments, and so decided to overcompensate in an effort to counterbalance this expectation.

Tim Akers said...

Of course. I'm not deriding the tie at all. I've just never seen you in such a thing.

Lou Anders said...

Suits are becoming common with me. Ties not as much, but more than they used to be.