Thursday, March 20, 2008

Mind Meld: The Appeal of SF&F Art

Thrilled to have had a hand in SFSignal's latest Mind Meld, "The Appeal of SF&F Art," which asks illustrators what drew them to genre illustration to begin with, and what place illustration has in our field. Brilliant, elegant answers from Todd Lockwood, Dave Seeley, Jeremey Geddes, John Picacio, Donato Giancola, Glenn Orbik, and Bob Eggleton.

Particularly like this great bit from Lockwood: "Art, like writing and movie-making, is an exploration into the unknowns without and within. It ponders realms that cannot be photographed or described with words, because they are ineffable and timeless. It helps connect the emotional and visceral with the cognitive and philosophical, the unreal with the real. At its best, it teaches or amuses, shocks or disturbs; it makes you look again, and then again – only deeper."

On a related note, I'm happy to see Sparth interviewed on Irene Gallo's The Art Department. Sparth is an amazing illustrator who just so happens to have done the cover for Theodore Judson's The Martian General's Daughterfor us, which should be hitting shelves in the very near future.

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