Tuesday, March 04, 2008

More Power to You, Richard!

Science fiction literature began for me with Richard M. Powers. Before I ever read word one. When I was a very little kid, I loved going in the bookstore, heading to the SF section, and walking past the rows and rows of books at eye level. I didn't read the stuff yet; I just loved those wild covers. His work - as challenging now as it was then - preloaded me with the notion that science fiction was adult, modern, cutting edge, "now," and maybe even something a little above my head that I needed to stretch a bit to properly grok. That's where I first intersected the genre, and that's why, more than likely, I take SF as seriously as I do today. They say "Don't judge a book by its cover." Hell, I judged an entire genre by his covers, and it's why I work in it now. I'm thrilled about his induction into the Science Fiction Hall of Fame. Here, here! (Oh and here is more of his work! And here is John Picacio on Powers. And here is David G. Hartwell on Powers.) I applaud this choice loudly and soundly.

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