Friday, September 26, 2008

Pick a book... any book!

That's what We Read Science Fiction did.
After reading endless positive things about Pyr’s books, I acquired six of their titles. With statements like “Pyr only publishes Gems” and “Pyr can do no wrong!” I wanted to see it for myself. I read through their list of available books, looked for a few themes that fit my tastes (and a few that didn’t) and when the pile arrived I randomly picked one. Assuming they only publish awesome stuff, it should be a good book right?
They picked Theodore Judson's The Martian General's Daughter.And was it a good book?
It was. I loved [it]... The characters are awesome, the story is as compelling as it is bloody and the history-is-repeating theme all make for a memorable read. ...a great choice for anyone who likes alternative history, historical fiction and military conquest."

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Becky said...

The illustration on the cover alone would entice me to read it- incredible graphics! I absolutely love any kind of books that contains military conquests! For example I just finished previewing a great book where the plot takes place during the Civil War- titled "Bedlam South," written by Mark Grisham & David Donaldson. A friend of mine was able to get a copy before its release date of October 7th and had allowed me to read it after her. Loved it. I am constantly on a quest to find new books to read and will keep "The Martian General's daughter" in mind.