Saturday, September 13, 2008

Plague Year: The Movie

A big congratulations to Jeff Carlson, who sends me this:

Seven Seas Jim takes on 'Plague Year'
Feature version of Carlson's sci fi thriller planned

Jim McNally of Seven Seas Jim is producing a feature version of Jeff Carlson's high concept thriller "Plague Year."

The novel, which is currently the lead hard cover from European publisher Minotauro in Spain and has also seen major releases in North America and in Germany, is about a medical nanotechnology that breaks loose and devours all warm-blooded life below 10,000 feet elevation.

"Plague Year" is the first of a planned trilogy published by Ace/Penguin in the U.S. and Canada. "Plague Year" was released last summer and its sequel, "Plague War," appeared this August. Carlson's other works include more than a dozen short stories such as the Writers of the Future award-winning novelette "The Frozen Sky" and an upcoming adventure novel in collaboration
with New York Times bestselling author David Brin.

Of "Plague Year," McNally said, "It's the unusual concept that spoke to me first, but ultimately the characters in this story are who really grabbed me-their grit and their resourcefulness in the face of ever-mounting odds."

Film rights were secured via Vince Gerardis of the Created By Agency in a "nice" option against a mid-six figure pickup.

Jim McNally was vice president at LifeSize Entertainment, an international sales company and domestic distributor of over 50 specialty titles such as Academy Award Nominee "Zus and Zo," Spirit Award Nominee "Oasis," Kim Ki Duk's "Time" and Venice film festival award winner "Khadak." McNally is also the producer and editor of the feature films "Sleepover" and "Fear House." He envisions "Plague Year" as a post-apocalyptic summer blockbuster.

PLAGUE WAR, from Ace Books in July 2008
"Long Eyes" in Fast Forward 2 from Pyr in October
and MIND PLAGUE, from Ace in Summer 2009

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