Thursday, December 11, 2008

Love This Batmobile!

When I custom-build my own, this - from the Cartoon Network's new Brave and the Bold series - is the one:

This is one of the coolest Batmobiles ever. I love the way it combines elements of the 1960s TV series with both modern and classic comic book interpretations. Awesome. The show itself... well, I'm not sure how much longer it's gonna hold my attention.

Update 12/12/08: I do give the series a fairly positive review here.


Shadowhelm said...

Yeah, I have seen bits and pieces of the show and I can't say I am interested. Too bad this is what replaced Justice League Unlimited and The Legion of Super Heroes.

Lou Anders said...

Well, I would be charitable and say the show is fun, in the same way that the Adam West/Burt Ward series is fun. And I expect I will really enjoy watching it with my kids in a few years. But I wouldn't pretend for a minute that this is adult entertainment on the level of those shows or any of their kin.