Thursday, December 18, 2008

Overdue Roundup

Because yes, I've been away, and while we're on it - they friggin' ruined the Enchanted Tiki House. Ruined. I am really, sincerely devastated.


The incomparable Shaun Farrel, of the indispensable Adventures in SciFi Publishing podcast, has an interview with Yours Truly up now, which you can listen to directly here, or via iTunes. We talk about my latest anthology, Fast Forward 2, sort of, as I found it hard to stay on topic. (Or, admittedly, to let him get a word in.)

Then, Fantasy Book Critic runs my picks in their 2008 Review/2009 Preview.

And here's an interesting review of Fast Forward 2, by blogger Steven Mollman, who admittedly never buys non-media tie-in science fiction, and what an interesting animal that is! Like a being from a parallel universe to my own! But it seems Mollman picked up FF2 for Paul Cornell (and hence the Doctor Who connection). His verdict? He seems lukewarm on a lot of it, but calls it a "fine anthology" and says he will seek out more stories by at least one of the contributors (Ian McDonald), which is the desired effect of an anthology, isn't it? So I am pleased. Interestingly, he notes, "for an ostensibly unthemed anthology, there sure were a lot of stories about a future Earth with its ecology either on the verge of collapse or already collapsed. Maybe that happened because it's what's actually going to happen, but it got a little tiring after a while."

I didn't think there were a lot. But hopefully we won't have to get tired of actually living that future, rather than just reading about it.


Jeff Doten said...

Fast Forward 2 is on my Christmas list.

But more importantly, what did the they do to the Tiki House ? Or is that bringing up more pain ?

Lou Anders said...

It may be too painful. The show starts, then is interrupted by Iago the parrot (Aladdin) and Zazu (Lion King). Iago announces they are the show's new owner and that all the outdated singing has to go. He badmouths the Tiki gods, who appear and curse him, then we have a number of franchise/movie songs reworded to "fit", and a smoking-from-divine-wrath Iago reappears, announcing that all the voodoo is good box office. It is HORRIBLE.

But not only that, it relies on an understanding of what is being replaced, so all the newcomers were confused. And it seems written by someone with utter contempt for the original.

Most damning, it's just incoherent.

Jeff Doten said...

Crap. We're taking my daughter down in the new year. So many things to explain...

Maybe I can find footage of the original on youtube. Sorry to bring it up.

Did they go PC in the haunted mansion - no sorry, don't answer that.

Lou Anders said...

I didn't do Haunted Mansion, but I know that and Pirates were given makeovers. However, Peter Pan, Winnie the Pooh, Dumbo, Country Bear Jamboree, many others all still as you remember them. Plus the new(ish) Buzz Lightyear ride is actually my current favorite. It's not all bad - just the Tiki House.