Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Under the Rose edited by Dave Hutchinson

Looks like I have a short story out. Or rather, a story Chris Roberson and I co-wrote is one of twenty-six tales in the new, Dave Hutchinson-edited anthology, Under the Rose,just out from Norilana Books. Billed as "new anthology of cutting-edge speculative fiction from some of today's brightest literary talents," the anthology includes stories by Pauline E Dungate, Tim Lieder, William John Watkins, Mel Sterling, Jean Graham, Ken Rand, Teri Smith, Liza Granville, Ralan Conley, Stuart Jaffe, CL Russo, James Targett, Ren Holton, Donna Scott, Justin Stanchfield, Yours Truly and Chris Roberson, Ian Whates, Gaie Sebold, Jean Tschohl Quinn, Angel Arango, Ekaterina Sedia, Edwina Harvey, Sarah Totton, William R Eakin, Uncle River, and John Grant.

Here's the TOC:

Introduction by Dave Hutchinson
"Plant Hunter" by Pauline E Dungate
"Office Job" by Tim Lieder 

"Five Hundred Vinnies" by William John Watkins 

"Perambulations" by Mel Sterling
"Chain Letter, Inc." by Jean Graham
"Side Effects" by Ken Rand 

"Dragon Bait" by Teri Smith
"Indian Summer" by Liza Granville 

"Galactic Exchange" by Ralan Conley 

"Mrs Donovan" by Stuart Jaffe 

"The Man Who Pulled Shiny Things Out of the Air" by CL Russo 

"Mother Russia's Egg" by James Targett 

"Miss" by Ren Holton 

"Fool's Gold" by Donna Scott
"A Distant Scent of Rain" by Justin Stanchfield
"Sojourner" by Lou Anders and Monkeybrain, Inc. 

"The Outsider" by Ian Whates 

"Eaten Cold" by Gaie Sebold
"California Fairy Story" by Jean Tschohl Quinn 

"The Day New York Reached Heaven" by Angel Arango 

"The Tale of a More Ancient, Ancient Mariner" by Liza Granville 

"Sagekites' Land" by Ekaterina Sedia 

"When Whales Cry" by Edwina Harvey
"Tricky Penny Pound" by Sarah Totton 

"Mary Nackley" by William R Eakin 

"Yeast Virus" by Uncle River 

"The Beach of the Drowned" by John Grant


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to getting my mitts on this one. It's such an enormous book that, even ignoring one's own story, there's still a bumper-sized antho left over to read!

Lou Anders said...

Yeah I haven't gotten my copy of it yet either and am eager to get it.

Lou Anders said...

Thanks. The story was actually written a good while ago, and the original anthology that it was for never happened, and so is only coming out now. Interestingly, I also have a story in the next issue of Shimmer magazine, making this an unusually (for me) productive year.