Wednesday, May 19, 2010

ImagiCon 2010, ABC 33/40, and Me

I will be participating in Birmingham's ImagiCon convention this weekend, held at the McWane Science Center, as well as Old Car Heaven, May 21-23. In support of the con, I and Staked and Revamped author J. F. Lewis, spoke with Tracy Haynes of Talk of Alabama on ABC 33/40. Here is the video:

Meanwhile, I will be appearing on two panels at the convention:

Saturday, May 22

11:30a.m. "Lou Anders and Pyr Books" Come meet Lou Anders and find out what is coming from Pyr Books, one of the fastest rising stars of the fantasy and sci-fi world!

Sunday, May 23

1:00p.m. "Fantasy Today" M.B. Weston, Lou Anders, Van Plexico, J.F. Lewis Wondering why all the Vampires are sparkling? Wondering what happened to the grittiness of Conan? Wonder what happened to the outrageous worlds of Zalazny? Come and talk with some people who would know!

Here is the link to the full Literary Track, which includes such notables as John Ringo, Timothy Zahn, and Travis S Taylor.