Monday, June 28, 2010

@LouAnders debuts

So, with all the attention that my anthologies Swords & Dark Magic and the forthcoming Masked have been getting, and with the nightly status updates on the word count of my own YA novel-in-progress, I've decided to create a second Twitter account. In what is sure to be a vain attempt to have some kind of an identity aside from Pyr, I'm going to split in two. Ouch.

Henceforth (with allowances for overlap and speed-typing mistakes), @Pyr_Books will be used for all Pyr-relevant news, reviews, author news & updates, etc... and @LouAnders will be for anthology news, general SF&F comments (gray area/aforementioned overlap?), updates on my own writing projects, commentary on tv/film/comics/music and, you know, generally griping about the new season of Doctor Who. (Thanks to Chuck Lucas for the cartoon!)

I'll keep them separate enough they'll be reasons to follow both. I promise not to repeat myself and to try and keep both interesting/relevant. With two accounts, I want to keep the signal-to-noise ratio good for you all. So please follow @LouAnders and help spread the word. Thanks!

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